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  • The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program is a new tool for parents to monitor and enhance the teaching of young drivers. Tools available include:

    • The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program Handbook  - available for download and at licensing centers.
    • Road Ready - a mobile app to track teen’s practice on the roads.
    For more information, visit the the Parent's Supervised Teen Driving program website. 
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    Parents are very concerned about the safety and well-being of their children at home, school, activities and on the highways. Pennsylvania schools and teachers play a very important role in assisting parents in teaching students what they need to know and be able to do in order to safely grow into inspired, productive, and fulfilled lifelong learners.

    School districts may provide a driver education program per Section 1519 of the Public School Code of 1949. The Pennsylvania Department of Education adopted Content and Performance Expectations for Driver Education in the Fall of 2003. The attainment of these expectations will enable students to safely use the Highway Transportation System.

    CIU20 offers the On-the-Road program to students of our 13 member school districts. Classroom Theory may be provided in the student's home district or taken online through various course vendors. 

    Classroom Theory

    In order to take a Classroom Theory course, a student must be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. The student does not need his/her driving permit for the Classroom Theory course.

    Benefits of taking the course are:

    • Students will learn how to handle a vehicle safely in a wide variety of potentially dangerous situations.
    • Students will be eligible for their senior license one year after securing their junior license.
    • Students may be eligible for an insurance reduction of 10-15%. 

    Please understand that participation in this program is voluntary. No course credit toward graduation is awarded for this course. Please check with your school district's guidance department prior to registering for our classroom theory course to determine if your HS offers an in-house driver education program. 

    Also, not all insurance providers offer this discount. Some will require the student complete the Classroom Theory course as well as On-the-Road instruction in order to receive the discount, so please check with your insurance provider.

    Please see the
    Pennsylvania Department of Education Approved Classroom Theory page for links to alternative classes.

    On-the-Road Instruction

    This training consists of six (6) 1-hour sessions one-on-one with an instructor. Driver training cars are provided by CIU20. A student must have his/her driving permit in order to take part in this instruction, as required by the state. 

    The On The Road program will take several months to complete. We will attempt to start your child's On-the -Road instruction as soon as possible but please be aware that there may be significant wait period of up to 2 months.  

    The student will drive with our instructors adapting new aptitudes. Parents are then expected to supplement this instruction with a minimum of 65 hours of instruction, as required by PennDOT,  A Classroom Theory course is only required for on-the-road instruction if the student wishes to obtain his/her license through CIU20. They make take the classroom theory course at the same time they are learning with our instructors and practicing with their parents. Upon successful completion of a classroom theory course/classroom course and our on-the-road instruction and the 65 hours.  The student may take the  final PennDOT licensing exam with one of our instructors. No student will be eligible for testing with a CIU 20 instructor unless the on the road CIU 20 instructor approves the testing.  Students in their senior year of high school, must complete the final end-of-course skills test to obtain one's license by August 20th of the calendar year in which they graduate.

    Registration form for On-the-Road instruction
    Cost:  $285 for six (6) 1-hour lessons (effective July 1, 2019)

    PA Department of Transportation - Teen Driver Information

    - PA Department of Transportation - Teen Driver Information Center
    - PA Young Driver Law Fact Sheet
    - Tips for Parents


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