Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques TACT 2

  • This intervention model adopts the stance that aggressive situations can best be handled first by prevention through awareness and deliberate verbal confrontation;  then, only if necessary, by minimal physical intervention. It is based on a philosophy of understanding and working through the source of aggression in a youth while holding staff and student safety paramount. (Parese, 2007).
    CIU 20 is one of two Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques-2 (TACT2) National Training Centers in the United States.  Christopher Wolfel, CIU 20 Director of Special Education, has obtained a certification as a Master Trainer in TACT2.  This allows CIU 20 to train other service providers to be TACT2 Trainers, and also allows CIU 20 to conduct trainings in the Eastern Region of the United States in various services, including TACT2 and Therapeutic Behavior Management.  
    Over the past 10 years, CIU 20 has used TACT2 to train staff in verbal and physical de-escalation techniques in all of our programs.   TACT2 has provided the staff with the tools necessary to handle challenging student behaviors in a calm, professional manner, with the student’s social and emotional well-being at focus during intervention.  This training has also helped staff assist students in developing skills to help them engage in pro-social behaviors when experiencing challenging events in their lives.  TACT2 was created by Steve Parese, Ed.D.  
    CIU 20 will provide monthly trainings on TACT2, please contact Dr. Christopher Wolfel for more information:  610-515-6403,

Contact Information

    Dr. Christopher Wolfel
    Executive Director
    6 Danforth Drive
    Easton, PA  18045
    (610) 515-6403

Registration Information

    TACT2 Training of NEW Trainers
    CIU 20 Main Office
    September 9 - 12, 2019
    TACT2 Recertification
    CIU 20 Main Office
    September 13, 2019