Diagnostic Services

  • The Diagnostic Program is an intense, fast-paced program. It is designed to be a 45-day period of assessment during which the child’s strengths and needs are evaluated in detail.

    A team of consultants is assembled with the intent of designing a protocol specific to the child’s needs. Areas of interest may include intelligence testing, achievement testing, vocational testing, and assessments related to mental health functioning. A wide variety of resources are available and are used to make the assessment well-rounded and thorough.

    The end result is a detailed report that makes recommendations regarding educational and treatment concerns. The focus is on developing specific interventions that can be implemented to assist the child in being successful.


Contact Information

    Ron Prator, Ph.D., LPC, BCBA
    Supervisor of Clinical Supervision
    6 Danforth Drive
    Easton, PA 18045
    (610) 515-6473