Extended School Year (ESY)

  • ESY is a special education program and/or related services provided to a child with a disability beyond the regular 180-day school year. All students with disabilities must be considered annually for ESY programming. CIU 20 offers ESY programming each summer, usually in July, at a Monroe County and Northampton County school district site. Staff are hired by CIU 20 to deliver programs and services to students with disabilities. 
    The need for ESY services is not based on the desire or need for: day care or respite care services, a summer recreational program, or other programs or services which, while they may provide education benefit, are not required to ensure the provision of FAPE. ESY programming and services are provided to assist the student with special needs in maintaining skills or behaviors relevant to the goals and objectives that were addressed during the school year as part of the student’s IEP.

Contact Information

    Stephen Rupp
    Supervisor of Special Education
    6 Danforth Drive
    Easton, PA 18045-7899