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Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

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Network Monitoring Tool

Colonial IU 20 has hardware which can assist our WAN connected districts with network troubleshooting. This tool will help our districts with a variety of network problems they might encounter. Some features are:
  • Gigabit and Wireless LAN troubleshooting
  • 10/100/Gig twisted pair and 10/100 fiber optic LAN analysis
  • Gigabit fiber SFP LAN interface
  • 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN analysis, with draft 802.11n AP discovery
  • Monitor network traffic and switch interfaces
  • Discover wired and wireless infrastructure devices and configurations
  • Validate LAN services availability and responsiveness
  • Measure Ethernet performance with RFC 2544 and advanced tests
Some examples of specific problems that it can detect are: Damaged cabling, insufficient cable bandwidth, wireless interference, authentication issues, insufficient network bandwidth, excessive utilization of vlans, incorrect vlan membership, and CoS/QoS issues.

If you’d like more information or would like to borrow this device from Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 for a week, please contact the Technology Department at 610-252-5550 x 6401.