Act 89

  • The Act 89 program provides auxiliary services to all eligible elementary, middle and high nonpublic schools located within CIU20. The services include remedial reading and mathematics, psychological services, and guidance services. The CIU20 also provides Title I services to nonpublic schools on a contractual basis.

    The program is state funded, based upon an aid ratio multiplied by the number of students enrolled in nonpublic schools. The program employs a director, program supervisor, 11 remedial teachers, 1 technology/IST consultant, 4 guidance counselors, 3 full-time psychologists, 4 secretaries. Remedial services in reading and math are provided to 16 elementary schools. Three high schools receive guidance services. Psychological services are delivered to all the aforementioned schools plus the remaining eligible schools on an as-needed basis. A major component of the elementary program is collaborative consultation among all school personnel who have contact with an at-risk child. This is referred to as an IST or Instructional Support Team. This team serves to design a successful school experience when it is determined that a student has an academic, behavioral or emotional difficulty.