Job Qualifications

  • Please refer to the table below to determine the best fit for you in your search for employment with CIU 20. 
    The left hand column refers to licenses, certifications and degrees / diplomas that you may hold, and the corresponding job appears in the right hand column.
                                 Licenses Held                                                     What Am I Qualified For?

    PA Occupational Therapist License
  • Registered Occupational Therapist

  • PA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant License
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • PA Physical Therapist License
  • Physical Therapist

  • PA Physical Therapy Assistant License
  • Physical Therapy Assistant

  • Commercial Driver's License with School Bus Driver Endorsement
  • Bus Driver
  • Substitute Bus Driver

  •                            Certifications Held                                                What Am I Qualified For?

    Any Valid PA Teaching Certificate
  • Substitute Teacher

  • PA Art Certification
  • Art Teacher

  • PA Elementary and Reading Specialist Certification
  • Remedial Teacher - Nonpublic School Service

  • PA Guidance Counselor Certification
  • Guidance Counselor

  • PA Health & Physical Education Certification
  • Adapted Physical Education Teacher

  • PA Hearing Impaired Certification
  • Hearing Therapist

  • PA School Psychologist Certification
  • School Psychologist

  • PA Special Education N-12 Teaching Certification
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Substitute Teacher

  • PA Speech and Language Impaired Certification
  • Speech Therapist

  • PA Supervisory I Certificate
  • Supervisor of Special Education

  • PA Visually Impaired Certification
  • Vision Therapist

  •                   Degrees and Diplomas Held                                            What Am I Qualified For?

    Master's Degree - Mental Health Related Field
  • Mental Health Treatment Specialist
  • Mobile Therapist (Part Time, Hourly)
  • Behavior Specialist / Consultant (Part Time, Hourly)

  • Bachelor's Degree - Mental Health Related Field
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Theraputic Staff Support (Part Time, Hourly)

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Substitute Teacher Training Program

  • High School Diploma
  • Associate Teacher (Teacher Aide)(Must pass HQ test)
  • Bus Driver (Must have CDL & School Bus driver endorsement)
  • Van Driver (Must have valid driver's license)
  • Bus Monitor
  • Custodian
  • Secretary (Must possess secretarial & word processing skills)
  • Educational Technology Repair (Must have skills)
  • Substitute Associate Teacher
  • Substitute Custodian