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Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

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Interagency Process

Referral and admission to the Resolve Behavioral Health Services School-Based Partial Hospitalization Program requires a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation of the child/adolescent and participation by the child/adolescent in the interagency meeting.

Responsibilities Prior to the Meeting
The Referral Agent arranges for a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation of the student being referred to the program.  Upon receipt of the completed report, the Referral Agent reviews the document to determine that the evaluation contains no less than the Axis I-V mental status of the student and contains a recommendation for Partial Hospitalization services as a medical necessity.  The evaluation should be dated within thirty (30) days of the initial interagency meeting.  The current and appropriate comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is forwarded to the CIU20 Program Secretary by the Friday prior to the meeting for review by the meeting facilitator.
The Referral Agent contacts the CIU20 Program Secretary at (610) 515-6431 to schedule the interagency meeting date and time, and to provide required client information prior to the meeting.  The "Interagency Client Admission Form" can either be completed over the telephone with the Program Secretary or can be completed electronically and either emailed or faxed to the Program Secretary responsible for scheduling the meeting.  The form can be found on the CIU20 website homepage or on the Resolve/Partial Hospitalization/Interagency Process web page.  This completed form should be received by the Program Secretary no later than the Friday prior to the meeting.
The Referral Agent informs the child/adolescent and family about the need for appropriate insurance.  The Referral Agent makes certain that the child/adolescent and family brings necessary items to the meeting which includes the client's Social Security card or number, a current Medical Assistance (ACCESS) card, and a current private health insurance card if the family has private health insurance.  All clients are reviewed in the "Eligibility Verification System (EVS)" to determine their insurance eligibility.  Prospective clients are also required to complete a physical examination prior to receiving services.
The Referral Agent is responsible for inviting all parties to the interagency meeting.  Persons who must attend include the child/adolescent, the child's/adolescent's parent or legal guardian, and the home school district representative.  Other invited parties can include private therapists, psychiatrists, Children & Youth Services case workers, case managers, Juvenile Probation officers, BHRS providers, and any other persons who provide support to the child/adolescent.
PLEASE NOTE:  Admission to the School-Based Partial Hospitalization Program will not occur without the attendance, participation, and agreement of a representative from the student's home school district.
The Referral Agent gathers and brings to the interagency meeting all documents and reports necessary for the team to make a sound decision about services.  With the child's/adolescent's and/or the parent's/guardian's consent, the Referral Agent can provide copies of the documents and reports to other interagency team members.
During the meeting the Referral Agent will be asked the "reason for referral". The Referral Agent is expected to provide a brief case history verbally to the interagency meeting team.     

Contact Information

Alaina McCarter
Treatment Coordinator
6 Danforth Drive
Easton, PA  18045
(610) 515-6509

Partial Hospitalization Program Interagency Meeting Referral Form

Submit completed form and call Amy Berardinucci (610-515-6431) to schedule an interagency meeting.