Non-Teaching Professionals

  • Ten minute archived webinar describing teacher effectiveness for teaching and non-teaching professionals: 

    For ease of reference, the Frameworks for Teaching Rubrics for Non-Teaching Professionals are located on PDE's website. Each Educational Specialist position includes a rubric with and without examples. These roles are Behavioral Specialists, Certified School Nurse, Dental Hygienist, Home School Visitor, Instructional Technology Specialist, OT-PT, School Counselor, School Psychologist and School Social Worker. 
    Please visit PDE for the full list of examples and guiding questions:
    On PDE SAS, there are examples and guiding questions for teaching professionals with unique roles and functions.Some of these roles are school librarians,  early childhood teachers, ESL teachers, emotional support, instructional coaches and reading specialists.
    Please visit PDE SAS for the full list of examples and guiding questions: 
    If your school district requires assistance in the area of professional development for teachers and administrators, please contact CIU 20's Professional Learning Department.