Principal Effectiveness

  • Overview of Principal Effectiveness Act 82
    Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, principal effectiveness shall be measured using a rating tool designed specifically for professional employees and temporary professional employees serving as principals.  The rating too gives due consideration to the following:
    The Leadership/Observation/Practice model, Framework for Leadership, shall compromise fifty percent (50%) of the principal's overall rating:
                      Act 82                                                             *Framework for Leadership
       1.  Planning and preparation                       -            Strategic and cultural leadership
       2.  School environment                               -            Systems leadership
       3.  Delivery of service                                 -            Leadership for learning
       4.  Professional development                      -            Professional and community leadership
    *See Framework for Leadership/Act 82/Principal Inspired Leadership Crosswalk.
    Multiple Measures of Student Performance shall comprise fifty percent (50%) of the principal's overall rating in the following areas:
    • Fifteen percent (15%) Building-Level Data
    • Fifteen percent (15%) Correlation Data based on teacher-level measures
    • Twenty percent (20%) Elective Data, including measures of student achievement that are locally developed and selected by the school district from a list approved by the Department of Education and published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin by June 30 each year.
     The term Principal includes the following:
    • Principal
    • Assistant Principal
    • Vice Principal
    • Director of an Area Vocational-Technical School (CTC Director)
    Charter schools are not included in this rating system but may choose to participate.
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