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Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

Dedicated to your children and the people who serve them.

Correlation Data/Relationship

  • PDE has adopted a process that focuses on the conversation between the supervising administrator and the principal / school leader based on the principal's knowledge, understanding and intended use of the evidence / data presented.
  •  The rating for correlation data is based on a qualitative assessment by the supervising administrator of the level of understanding (0, 1, 2, or 3) of the quantitative analysis conducted by the principal / school leader.
  • The following resources were utilized in the CIU 20 sessions on Correlative Data/Relationship during Fall 2014.

Guidance for Completing the Correlation Section of the Tool

ABC High School - Simulation #1: 
SPP Simulation #1 - ABC HS - Building Summary
SPP Simulation #1 - ABC HS - PVAAS Sort - Building Summary
 Elementary School Simulations: ABC Elementary School - Simulation #1
Middle School Simulations:  ABC Middle School - Simulation #2
High School Simulations:  ABC High School - Simulation #3
ABC K-12 School Simulation: 
Updated 10/28/2014