• In order to attempt to cover all situation that may occur when inclement weather causes only some of the school districts to close their schools and other districts to keep their schools open, the following procedure shall be followed:
    If the district in which our school or class is located does not open school on a school day because of inclement weather, the Intermediate Unit operated school or class will also be closed and the Intermediate Unit operated vehicles will not pick up pupils to attend the Intermediate Unit operated class.
    If the district in which our pupil or pupils reside does not open school on a school day because of inclement weather, the Intermediate Unit operated vehicle will not pick up that pupil to attend an Intermediate Unit operated school or class irrespective of where the class is located.
    When a particular school district has school (and other districts may be closed) and transports on its own buses any pupils who attend Intermediate unit operated classes located within that district, the Intermediate Unit operated class or classes will be in session and teacher of these classes will report for work. However, pupils residing within a school district which does not have school on that day will not be picked up on an Intermediate Unit operated vehicle and will not be transported to class even though the school or class in which they attend in another district is open for classes.
    Listen to the Bethlehem, Easton, Scranton or Stroudsburg radio stations (Allentown stations also usually carry school closing for the Northampton County Area Schools) to determine if the school district in which your class is located will have school on snow days.  Be guided by Items 1, 2 and 3 above.
    An attempt will be made to have a separate announcement on the radio stations in Easton, Bethlehem, Scranton, Stroudsburg and Allentown for closing of Intermediate Unit operated classes on snow days.
    When a school district is closed for any reason other than inclement weather, and a child from that district attends special classes in a district which is operating, that child will attend classes.  When this situation arises, a note should be sent home by the teacher reminding the parents that their child will attend classes even though their district is closed.
    When students have late starting times and early dismissals due to inclement weather, teachers and classroom staff will adjust their schedules of reporting and departing accordingly.
    If you are in doubt as to whether there will be school on a morning that is stormy, call the Intermediate Unit Transportation office, 610-881-1800.  We will attempt to open the office on those mornings prior to the time that the Intermediate Unit operated vehicles must begin their runs.