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     Registration Opens September 3, 2019
    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1.Will the trainings be grade and platform specific? If so, which ones?

    Trainings will not be grade specific. All participants will participate in same activities on same platform. Chromebooks will be provided for students to complete activities.

    2. How many students are allowed per team?  Should there be a student from each grade for a team?

    Each team may have up to 3 students.  No, there does not have to be a student representative from each grade.

    3. Do the students need to bring hardware?

    Students do not need to bring hardware. They will be provided with a chromebook to complete activities.

    4. Do the students need to do outside work? What is their commitment?

    Yes, students will be asked to complete some work at their schools.

    5. What is my involvement? Should I assume I'm part of the team?

    Team advisors are asked to stay with students and learn the technology resources/projects so they are able to provide guidance for their students.

    6. What's the commitment from the school? Are the costs to the school?

    Schools will need to provide transportation to each of the training dates, as well as the registration fee.

    For for more information, please write or email:

    Susan Kandianis, Ed.D.

    Supervisor of Educational Technology

    Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

    (610)515-6561 | skandianis@ciu20.org