24 Challenge Math Tournament

24 Challenge Math Tournament! 


May 9: Grades 4/5

May 10: Grade 6 and Grades 7/8

CIU 20 is sponsoring a two-day Regional 24 Challenge® Math Tournament for 4-8th grade students! This tournament will be held at CIU 20, 6 Danforth Drive, Easton, PA 18045 on May 9, 2023 for Grades 4-5 and on May 10, 2023 for Grades 6 and Grades 7/8.

 Registration will open 8:30 AM on April 17- 24, 2023

Registration will close at NOON on April 24, 2023.  

District Contacts May Click On Links Below to Register Students


Click Here to Register for Grades 4-5 Tournament

Click Here to Register for Grades 6-8 Tournament 

District Contacts may register up to 10 champions for Grades 4-5 and 10 champions (total) for Grades 6, and 7-8 at registration. Districts may register the total number of students now, and submit student names to Christiana Davey at [email protected] by April 24, 2023. School districts may also add students to the waitlist.
Guidelines for Tournament 
  1. Students in grades 4 through 8 may enter the tournament.
  2. A school district/diocese point of contact must register students. Click here to verify your point of contact.
  3. Up to 10 students for each challenge day from a school district/diocese may enter. (10 students for 4/5  and 10 students for 6, 7-8.)  If more than 10 students would like to participate in the challenge, advisors may submit their names, and these students will be waitlisted. 
  4. The competition is limited to 100 students per day.  Registrations will be determined in the order they are received.
  5. Advisors will be notified after registration as to the status of their students' registration, especially the waiting list.
  6. Participating schools must send one advisor for every 4 students. The advisor may be required to be a proctor for the Challenge. 
  7. Click on the link below to learn more about the 24 Challenge Official Rules.
  8. As much as we would love to welcome parents, our building capacity at the 24 Challenge cannot accommodate that many people. 
  9. No changes to student rosters will be permitted a week prior to the competition day.
Tournament Challenges 
24 Challenge student participants will be doing the following 24 game challenges: 
  • Round 1 – Single Digits
  • Round 2 – Double Digits
  • Round 3 – Variables (both Semi-Final and General)
  • Round 4 – Variables
  • Grade groups will be competing simultaneously but separately (Grade groups consist of Grades 4/5; Grade 6; and Grades 7/8) 
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Will there be a state competition this year? No.
  2. Are parents allowed to come to to the challenge? No. As much as we would love to welcome parents, our building capacity cannot accommodate that many people.    
  3. Which cards will you be using? We will be using Single Digits, Double Digits and Variable cards for the IU 20 tournament.  
    • Students who have First In Math ID's can practice these games:
      • Single Digits – Skill Set 4, Game 3
      • Double Digits – Skill Set 5, Game 2
      • Variables – Skill Set 6, Game 2
 Other Questions?
Please email Ryan Allen at [email protected] with questions. We would like to have all questions in writing so that we can appropriately update the "Frequently Asked Questions" for all participants.