Physical Support

  • This program provides students with orthopedic impairments the opportunity to participate in an educational program based on strategies offered by physical and occupational therapists to assist these students in mobility and adjustment to his/her individual handicapping condition.

    According to IDEA 2004, orthopedic impairment means a severe orthopedic impairment that adversely affects a child’s educational performance. The term includes:

    • impairments caused by congenital anomaly (e.g., clubfoot, absence of some member, etc.)
    • impairments caused by disease (e.g., poliomyelitis, bone tuberculosis, etc.)
    • impairments from other causes (e.g., cerebral palsy, amputations, and fractures or burns that cause contractures).

    Curriculum and Instruction

    A trans-disciplinary approach is implemented to ensure all services are coordinated and focused to address the students’ Individual Education Programs (IEPs). A strong emphasis is placed on communication and daily living skills. Additional interventions may include special diets, modified teaching materials, and adaptive equipment for seating. The life skills domains and opportunities are also available in this program. Assistive technology plays a major role in helping these students communicate and access their environment more independently.

Contact Information

  • Steve Rupp
    Supervisor of Special Education
    6 Danforth Drive
    Easton, PA  18045-7899
    (610) 515-6514