National Board Teacher Certification

  • What Is National Board Teacher Certification?
    National Board Teacher Certification is an advanced teaching credential that complements, but does not replace, a state’s teacher license. It is a voluntary assessment program designed to identify great teachers and make them better.

    How Do I Achieve and Maintain Certification?
    National Board Certification is achieved upon successful completion of a voluntary assessment program designed to recognize effective and accomplished teachers who meet high standards based on what teachers should know and be able to do. As part of the certification process, candidates complete 10 assessments that are reviewed by trained teachers in their certificate areas. The assessments include four portfolio entries that feature teaching practice and six constructed response exercises that assess content knowledge. The certification is valid for 10 years, and renewal candidates must begin the renewal process during their eighth or ninth years as NBCTs.

    What Are the Standards and Certificate Areas?
    NBPTS developed standards for accomplished teaching in 16 different subject areas with students at various developmental levels. These standards were developed and validated by representative committees comprised of master teachers, disciplinary organizations and other education experts. Many school systems use the standards as the basis for ongoing teacher and school counselor professional development, and many colleges and universities incorporate them into their undergraduate and graduate teacher-education programs. Based on these standards, NBPTS offers 25 certificates that are applicable to most teachers in American schools. For more information, see the chart at

    Make the Commitment to Accomplished Teaching: Become a National Board Certified Teacher
    Are there National Board Certified Teachers in your school? If so, join them and teachers nationwide who have taken their careers to the next level. If there are no NBCTs in your school, be the first. National Board Certification is part of the growing education reform movement that is advancing student learning, improving teaching and making schools better. Teachers who achieve National Board Certification have met high standards through study, expert evaluation, self-assessment and peer review. Join the ranks of the nation’s most accomplished teachers who help students develop the necessary skills to thrive in school, in the workplace and in the 21st century global economy.
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