Grant Funds Employment Training Program for Young Adults

The CIU 20 VIP (Virtual Interpersonal Pathway to Competitive Employment) program was chosen based on its plan for: career development programming efforts; addressing existing program gaps; and developing meaningful relationships with parent, school district, community, and agency partners. As a grant recipient, CIU 20 will implement effective and meaningful virtual transition programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The CIU 20 VIP program will utilize Oneder Academy, an online curriculum that focuses on the "soft skills" employers say are fundamental for success in the workplace. We have also partnered with the Career, Independent Living & Learning Studies (CILLS) program at East Stroudsburg University, which is designed to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities with a learning experience in an inclusive campus environment.
Students in the CILLS program will mentor students in the CIU 20 transition program as they go through the various courses in the Oneder curriculum. This provides authentic learning pathways with targeted outcomes of career-ready skills and competitive employment for these young adults.