What We Do

 Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 (CIU 20) is one of 29 intermediate units throughout Pennsylvania. Intermediate units (IU) provide educational, administrative, and technology services to more than 175,000 students and 75,000 educators and adults in the Commonwealth. Created in 1971 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, IUs provide services to school districts in ways that create economies of scale, cost savings, and better efficiencies in the delivery of important programs and services to children, especially those with special needs.

Our mission at CIU20 is to develop positive Relationships that support student growth, are Responsive to stakeholders’ crucial needs, and demonstrate Results through services and programs for students.

We believe that . . .

  • Supportive Relationships, integrity, and good judgment create trust and respect.
  • Strong Relationships depend on open, honest, and shared communication.
  • Responding to the needs of others demonstrates the value and respect the organization has for every individual stakeholder.
  • Responding to stakeholder needs through creative problem-solving and progressive solutions demonstrates a commitment to excellence.
  • Meaningful Results come from a commitment to do the right things right.

CIU 20 serves 13 school districts and 3 career and technical centers in Northampton, Monroe, and Pike Counties. As one of the community’s largest employers and contributors, the 1,400 full and part-time staff at CIU20 provides direct and indirect services to 79,000 public school children; 9,000 non-public school children; and 7,000 professional staff in our service region of 1,200 square miles.

CIU 20 facilitates communication between school, community, and legislative leaders on matters of educational practice and public policy. To understand the needs of our stakeholders, CIU20 hosts and participates in various meetings (advisory groups, individual student/parent meetings, Local Education Task Force, community engagements, local/state leadership meetings) to recognize key issues and needs to inform CIU 20’s regional support. Our CIU 20 team is dedicated to providing innovative services to drive teaching and learning, improve student outcomes, and enhance operations.

For more than twenty years, serving students, families, school districts, and staff at CIU 20, I have lived the mission of developing positive relationships, being responsive to stakeholders’ crucial needs, and establishing positive results. My life is based on the principle of providing service to others. As the Executive Director of CIU 20, I will strive to ensure the CIU 20 creates innovative, cost-effective programs and services that lead to successful outcomes for students and the people that serve them. The staff at CIU 20 is dedicated to building and sustaining strong relationships with all stakeholders, being responsive to their needs, and providing positive results for all we serve.


Christopher S. Wolfel, Ed.D.
Executive Director