Colonial Academy Community Comes Together for Families in Need

As a community service project, East Stroudsburg University (ESU) student teachers teamed up with the Colonial Academy Backpack Buddies program to collect food for students and families in need for the holiday season. ESU student teachers Ms. Alyvea Scarfalloto, Ms. Johnna Eisenreich, and Ms. Emma Lance, collaborated with Ms. Darlene Klingel, the organizer of Colonial Academy’s Backpack Buddies, and Mr. Nick Strebig, culinary arts teacher, to support this worthy cause for the Colonial Academy community.
The ESU student teachers held dress down days to collect food items, and organized collections at the CIU 20 central and transportation offices. At the end of the collection, they received a huge variety of canned and packaged goods that gave students and families the chance to fill their Thanksgiving table.
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On November 20, 2020, Colonial Academy held the first ever Turkey Trot race to benefit families in need during the holiday season. Students from the Emotional Support, Autistic Support, Life Skills, Partial Hospitalization, CAPS, and Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth programs came together by donating canned goods, if they were able, to participate in this inclusive school-wide event. In total, Colonial Academy provided nine families a Thanksgiving dinner.
This event brought teachers, mental health workers, associate teachers, and school administrators together with the students as they provided emotional support throughout the race.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the runners were divided into different heats that went off every half hour until all heats were completed. Awards were given to the top four finishers of each heat. The top high school male runner, Isiah, came from Mrs. Tracy’s homeroom and the top high school female runner, Trinity, came from Mrs. Kollmorgen’s homeroom. Quinton from Ms. Steele’s high school class also qualified as a top runner. Top finishers in the middle and junior high school were Adam from Ms. Curcio’s homeroom, Tyler from Mr. Gabbard’s homeroom, and Justin from Ms. Siegfried’s homeroom. Chris from Mrs. Kutzler’s homeroom ran his way into the top runner position of the 11:00 race.
See the link below for video highlights of the inaugural Turkey Trot race!