Partnership Advocacy is Focus of Family Engagement Series

On November 18, 2020, Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 kicked off this year's Family Engagement Series with a session focused on Partnership Advocacy and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Collaboration. Upcoming sessions throughout the school year will revolve around the importance of communication between families and educators throughout various parts of the IEP process to maximize outcomes for students.
At the November 18, 2020 kick-off meeting, a video was shown that detailed the efforts that went into creating "IEP Binders" that will aid families in advocating for their children at IEP meetings throughout the school year. The binders were funded through the Families to the Max SEED grant from PEAL, PATTAN, and HUNE. The components of the binder were cultivated by the CIU 20 Parent Support T.E.A.M. and students with life skills needs put together 130 binders that will be distributed to families in CIU 20 programs.
This year's Family Engagement Series is being coordinated by Dr. Dan Cullen, CIU 20 Supervisor of Special Education, in partnership with the CIU 20 Parent Support T.E.A.M. - a group of families that network, learn, and support each other with the educational journeys of their children with special needs.
The group routinely meets with CIU 20 leadership to keep the lines of communication open, and is founded by Caterina Campbell. Nikki Huggan serves as co-leader.
See the link below for the full video that digs deeper into this partnership advocacy journey.