Virtual Career Days Implemented in Therapeutic Emotional Support Program

The Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 Therapeutic Emotional Support (TES) classroom staff at Middle Smithfield Elementary, East Stroudsburg Area School District, have been holding weekly virtual career days to keep learning exciting and engage students. The weekly event started as a way to infuse career-ready skills in the classroom at the start of the pandemic, and has blossomed into something much more beneficial for students across IU programs.
Since the feedback from students and parents was so positive after the inception of the program last spring, the TES classroom staff have opened the event up to other IU programs. Guest speakers have included: school administrators, store owners, deejays, nurses, firefighters/first responders, mechanics, United States Army representatives, an NBA referee, etc. The team is constantly monitoring students and families for feedback in regards to format and which careers they'd like to learn more about.