Staff Spotlight: Pam Esbin

Pam Esbin has been serving students in the Life Skills Support program for the last four years; first as a 1:1 Associate Teacher, then as a classroom Associate Teacher, and now as a Mental Health Worker.
Pam made the transition from Associate Teacher to Mental Health Worker a couple years ago because she loved working with the students in her classroom, but wanted to make an impact on even more students. This role gave her the ability to accomplish her goal. Pam credits the support system at CIU 20 for her ability to thrive in her various roles within the organization, "None of these opportunities would have been available if it wasn't for the opportunities to grow within the organization...and my supervisor's support and trust in my abilities!"
One of Pam's proudest achievements during this pandemic year has been implementing "Zones of Regulation" with the students she serves. Zones of Regulation is a social-emotional learning curriculum, created to teach children self-regulation and emotional control. Communication with families is another component of what makes Pam an asset to the CIU 20 community. She consistently sends newsletters to her students' families that detail self-regulation strategies that can be implemented at home. Pam notes that "It's exciting to watch the students really be able to grasp the concept and implement calming strategies on their own."
Dr. Dan Cullen, Supervisor of the Life Skills Support program, had this to say about Pam's contributions to the IU, "Pam is a team player that goes above and beyond the call of her duties as she builds and designs activities that not only engage students to grow academically, but also prepares them for success far beyond the reach of the classroom setting."