Staff Spotlight: John Musyt

John Musyt is in his 44th year as Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 School Counselor, with all of those years serving various schools in the Nonpublic School Services Department. He currently works with the high school students at Notre Dame in East Stroudsburg. John is also a member of the CIU 20 Crisis Response Flight Team that is deployed to assist school communities with all aspects of crisis and trauma that impact CIU 20 region schools and communities.
As a Nonpublic School Counselor, Mr. Musyt helps students and families cope with stressful life situations and serves as a resource for academic concerns, college, postsecondary and career choices; as well as provide consultation services and referral services within the IU and the surrounding community.
John says that "The most rewarding part of being a school counselor is to have an opportunity to be a part of a student’s life and help them to discover their strengths while learning how to use them in meeting their challenges head-on; and, joining them on this journey of self-discovery." In terms of adapting to the pandemic, John notes that "I remain flexible, use humor and silence as a counseling technique, and I try not to take things personally; and encourage the people I work with to do the same."
Mr. Musyt plans to retire at the end of this school year, and his supervisor, Dr. Todd VanNortwick, has this to say, "John Musyt is the perfect example of what servant leadership is all about. He has always treated his job as a school counselor like a vocation. Replacing a person like John will be no easy task, but we will do our best to carry on his legacy and to make him proud."