In Celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month

Colonial IU 20 was one of the first IU's to provide mental health services to students since its inception as an educational services provider in 1971. Our mental health programming has grown tremendously and we are currently one of the largest IU providers of mental health services in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
In addition to Mental Health professionals being an integral part of the CIU 20 team that provides supports to students in various programs, we also operate programs licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services:  Partial Hospitalization Program, School-Based Outpatient Program, Intensive Behavioral Health Services, Day Treatment at Colonial Academy.

Other mental health services provided by Colonial IU 20 include, but aren't limited to: Applied Behavior Analytics, Diagnostics, Early Intensive and Behavioral Intervention, Individual & Group Counseling, Intensive Behavioral Health Services, Intensive In-Home Services, Interagency Collaboration, Partial Interagency, Respite Services, Therapeutic Activities, and a comprehensive Therapeutic Emotional Support Program.