Staff Spotlight: Kelly Schultheis

Kelly Schultheis is in her first year as a teacher in the CIU 20 Autistic Support Program, but she's already made a positive impact on the students in her classroom, and they've made a positive impact on her too. She says "Although the job can, at times, be demanding, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love what I am doing. It is rewarding on so many levels. Each day is a new opportunity to help my students grow academically, socially, and emotionally. I love watching my kids develop confidence, independence, and positive outlooks on school and learning."
Kelly started her professional teaching career during the pandemic, so she's had to be innovative from the start, "This has always been the “norm” for me. I’m always up for a challenge and thinking of new ways to engage with my students no matter the format." One example of innovativeness with her students is the utilization of a standards based online math game that can be personalized for each student. This gives students opportunities to practice skills that their peers are learning in regular education classrooms as well.
When asked how she remains positive in sometimes overwhelming or challenging environments, she says "As teachers, we have the opportunity to really make an impact on our students’ lives. When I’m feeling overwhelmed about everything that has to get done, I think about how important my job is and how I am changing lives."
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