IU Assists Schools with Personalized Learning Initiative

The Stroudsburg Area School District is continuing its partnership with Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 on personalized learning strategies in their middle school and junior high school. The SASD administration and teachers have embraced the concept of personalized learning since the initiative began in February 2022. Personalized learning promotes differentiation and engagement through student-centered lessons which provide the students with a voice and a choice, plus it allows for collaboration with teachers and peers.
This school year, CIU 20 has delivered all-day professional development workshops on Personalized Learning during a recent Act 80 day. These sessions included approximately 95% of the faculty in their junior high school. One session covered information for teachers who had not been previously exposed to Personalized Learning. The other session focused on teachers who are already experienced with using Personalized Learning in their classrooms.
For SASD, CIU 20 will continue to offer classroom visits for non-evaluative observations, as well as one-to-one teacher sessions for individualized assistance on converting to Personalized Learning to better serve their students and meet all students’ needs.
This is a great time for your school to explore the many advantages of implementing Personalized Learning! If your school district would like to enhance your curriculum to include Personalized Learning, contact Dr. Susan Kandianis at the Colonial Intermediate Unit 20, [email protected]