Staff Spotlight: Lauren Gundrum

Lauren Gundrum is in her 7th year as a Speech Therapist for Colonial Intermediate Unit 20. She credits relationship building as the cornerstone of her success in the classroom. "I find that my students make the most progress and have the most success when I spend time getting to know them and building positive relationships," she says. "My approach has stayed the same throughout the pandemic, continuing to build positive relationships with families, coworkers, and students."
Lauren says the most rewarding part of her role as a speech therapist with the IU is "being able to work together with my teams in a collaborative manner in order to help students reach their goals."
Nadia Grau, Coordinator of Sensory Impaired Programs, has high praise for Lauren's team-player attitude, "Lauren has been accepting two mentees since taking on the role of mentor several years ago and selflessly gives her all to helping our new staff grow. In addition to two mentees, Lauren is constantly helping returning staff in any capacity that she is needed, as well as helping to cover vacant positions to make sure the students' needs are met. Further, Lauren takes on multiple student teachers and observers each year without hesitation. She is an active member of DBRT (Deaf-Blind Resource Team) and has worked ESY each year since joining the IU. With each responsibility Lauren takes on, she demonstrates maintenance of high quality in all other areas. Lauren's dedication to our IU and our students truly is second to none ."