Staff Spotlight: Kristina Deinarowicz

Kristina Deinarowicz is a Mental Health Treatment Specialist in the Partial Hospitalization Program at Pleasant Valley High School and recently obtained her Professional Counselor License. "She is a great example of the organization's ability to support professional growth," notes Supervisor of Clinical Support, Nikki Baker.
She began her journey with CIU 20 a little over nine years ago when she served as a 1:1 in the Partial Hospitalization Program at Colonial Academy. Her career path continued as she took on the role of Mental Health Worker in the Emotional Support Program and enrolled in a Masters in Clinical Counseling Program. She then moved back to the Partial Program to serve as a Management Assistant before stepping into her current role of Mental Health Treatment Specialist.
Kristina shares that the most rewarding parts of her job are "seeing students succeed and have progress with their treatment...the amazing people that I have met along the way and the support I have encountered...they have helped me with working towards my Masters degree as well as my LPC."
Her advice to an IU employee just starting out would be to "Always remain positive and work together as a team. Many of our students have been through a lot and they look to us to help boost their mood. Try to create a positive environment, it helps students and staff significantly." Furthermore, she says "I stay positive with the students by always making sure we take time to laugh and smile. It's important to appreciate the simple moments and small steps toward success."
Her focus on looking on the bright side is evident with her Supervisor, Nikki Baker, "She always has a smile on her face and lights up the room with her resilient positive attitude.”