Staff Spotlight: Diane Lazar

Diane Lazar has been a Remedial Teacher in Colonial IU 20's Nonpublic School Services for 26 years. She says the most rewarding part about her job is, "building genuine relationships with my students, families, and colleagues. Each and every person I interact with has made an impact on my life, taught me something, provided me joy, or helped me become a better person and teacher.  The people make this "job" not feel like a job!"
In sharing her strategies to connect with students, she notes that "Kindness and laughter go a very long way with everyone, especially struggling students. Every day is a fresh start, we are all allowed to have crummy days, but we move forward and find joy and success the next day."
Dr. Todd VanNortwick, Supervisor of Professional Learning and Auxiliary Services, highlights the leadership qualities of this month's Staff Spotlight, "Diane is a veteran student-centered remedial teacher who also serves as the department's reading committee chair. She has done an outstanding job in leading the remedial staff in implementing best practices related to structured literacy and the science of reading."