Colonial Cafe 71 Readies Students for Employment Opportunities

Colonial Cafe 71 is a full-service coffee shop operated by students that promotes independence and supports skill building for future employment opportunities. Located at the CIU 20 Central Office in Easton, the cafe is open three days a week for CIU 20 staff and attendees of on-site events to enjoy specialty beverages and snacks. Open since November 2023, the current staff includes Mr. Chris Felcin's Life Skills Support classroom, with future plans to incorporate students and job coaches from other CIU 20 locations.
coffee shop photos
Previously, Mr. Felcin's students operated a coffee and snack cart that sold drip coffee by the cup and only accepted cash. These same students are now operating electronic point-of-sale systems and making specialty drinks from a commercial grade coffee machine with the support and guidance of CIU 20 staff.
Thanks CIU 20 Supervisor Mr. John Heaney and CIU 20 Director of Special Education Ms. Kasey Kinney for the administrative support to make the Colonial Cafe 71 idea into a reality. The cafe exclusively uses coffee beans from Seth & Co. Special Brew, a local business that inspires healthier work opportunities for individuals with special needs. Click here to see a video of the Colonial Cafe 71 in action!