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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides services which encompass both internal and external functions

Internal Functions include services to our employees, such as assistance with leaves, Income Protection, coursework and Highly Qualified issues. We are responsible for the publication of the Board Policy Handbook and Staff Information Book, recruiting and hiring for all programs within CIU20, contract negotiations and collaborative work with each department within CIU20.

External Functions include the District Emergency Substitute Training Program, monthly meetings with the Human Resources Directors of our 13 school districts and 3 vocational-technical schools, research services to our districts and we serve as the liaison with the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Human Resources-related issues.

Contact Information

Dr. Frank J. DeFelice
Assistant Executive Director
Franchesca Phalen 
Supervisor for
Human Resources & Research Services
Christina Williams
Supervisor of Health and Nursing Services
Julie Eates
Coordinator of Public Relations and Marketing
Michele Freer
Management Assistant
[email protected]
James Stout
School Safety Specialist
Luz "Lucy" Almonte
Cabinet Secretary
Act 168 Contact
Agnieszka "Agnes" Minorczyk
Office Support
[email protected]