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NPSS Staff Listing

The Nonpublic School Services Department at CIU 20 employs a program director, program supervisor, program secretary, 4 secondary school counselors, 2 elementary school counselors, 10 remedial teachers, 2 school psychologists, an Instructional Technology Specialist, and 3 field secretaries. Each program operates within professional guidelines and parameters of Act 89 and establishes referral, enrollment, and exit procedures. Each CIU 20 staff member is a specialist in his/her profession who provides skilled, strategic intervention in that specialty area to students.

Nonpublic School Services Department

Dr. Michelle Bozzini, Ed.D.

Dr. Todd VanNortwick, Ed.D.

Program Secretary:
Paige Maitland

Instructional Technology Specialist:
Christine Leitgeb

Remedial Teachers:
Rachel Agzigian
Mary Ann Bennett
Gretchen Bisher
Ryan Carnahan
Jaclyn Henahan
Amy Hoy
Ann Marie Kinney
Diane Lazar
Rhonda Levine
Terri McHugh

School Counselors:
Ryan Allen
Paula Staples
Annette Nielsen
Lacey Moyer
Kaitlyn Peters
Carissa Young

School Psychologists:
Amy Dimberg
Kate Goodman

Field Secretaries:
Jennifer Shay
Melinda Schaller
Michelle Vail