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NPSS Staff Listing

The Nonpublic School Services Department at CIU 20 employs a program director, program supervisor, program secretary, four secondary school counselors, 11 remedial teachers, three school psychologists, an Instructional Technology Specialist, and three administrative assistants. Each program operates within professional guidelines and parameters of Act 89 and establishes referral, enrollment, and exit procedures. Each CIU 20 staff member is a specialist in his/her profession who provides skilled, strategic intervention in that specialty area to students. 

Nonpublic School Services Department

Dr. Michelle Bozzini, Ed.D.

Todd VanNortwick, Ed.D.

Program Secretary:
Paige Maitland 

Instructional Technology Specialist:
Christine Leitgeb

Remedial Teachers:
Rachel Agzigian
Mary Ann Bennett
Gretchen Bisher
Ryan Carnahan
Jaclyn Henahan
Amy Hoy
Ann Marie Kinney
Diane Lazar
Rhonda Levine
Terri McHugh
Staci Wolfe

School Counselors:
Ryan Allen
John Musyt
Paula Staples
Annette Zettlemoyer

School Psychologists:
Amy Dimberg
Kate Goodman
Shane Nauss

Field Secretaries:
Marie Raisner
Melinda Schaller
Michelle Vail