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Federal Programs and Nonpublic Schools

Title I: Improving Academic Achievement of the Educationally Disadvantaged 

Federal dollars may be available to provide Title I services to eligible nonpublic school students through contracts with public school districts. Eligibility is determined by the student’s public school and district of residence. Services include:

  • Title I Remedial Reading and Math
  • Timely and Meaningful Consultation
  • Parent Involvement
  • Professional Development

Title IIA: Improving Teacher Quality/Professional Development

Federal Title IIA funds are allocated to participating nonpublic schools to provide staff development in core academic subjects in order to increase student achievement. Staff development can include on or off site workshops, conferences, or courses. Professional development must be in addition to what the school is required to provide for staff. Cost of professional development is paid or reimbursed directly to the provider or the individual teacher.