Family Responsibilites

Parental cooperation is necessary on the following:
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for the child prior to boarding the school bus in the morning and from the time the child is delivered home in the afternoon.
  • Parents are to have their child ready for pickup at least five minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Parents are responsible for informing the Transportation Department or driver when their child will not be attending school. Each driver will provide the parents on his/her route with his/her phone number if available, transportation office number and the appropriate time to call.
  • For physically handicapped children, parents may assist the driver in loading and unloading their child.
  • Transportation in inclement weather can lead to serious complications.  Parents are responsible for getting the latest school closings and delays from local radio and television stations.
  • When bad weather makes a street, road or driveway impassable, it will be necessary for the parents and child to meet the driver at a nearby location.  The driver will establish this location.
  • The school requires an emergency phone number where a parent or guardian can be contacted at any time during the school day.  Also, in the event an emergency closing of school should occur and a parent or guardian cannot be contacted, it is necessary for the school and the Transportation Office to have an address and phone number of a location where the child can be delivered.  Preferably, the address should be that of a friend or neighbor's house in the immediate vicinity of the parents' home.
  • All requests to change a designated bus stop or pickup/drop off time will have to be pre-approved by the Transportation Department.
  • Most transportation systems operate on fixed schedules.  However, the transportation of handicapped children requires more flexibility.  Drivers cannot be held to an absolute schedule due to extenuating circumstances.  Our drivers will make every effort to maintain their routine schedule.
  • Transportation problems first should be discussed with the driver.  If the problem cannot be resolved, please contact the Transportation Department at 610-881-1800.