Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Transportation Department of Colonial Intermediate Unit 20?
The phone number for the Transportation office is 610-881-1800.  
I plan on moving, or have recently moved, how do I change my child's pickup or drop off information?
If your child is a School-Aged student, any deviations to their current Transportation information must come to the CIU20's Transportation Department from the sending district.  Please contact your home district for changes in your child's information.  We can only make pickup and drop off changes when authorized to do so from your child's district.
If your child in enrolled in our Early Intervention program, you must contact your Service Coordinator or Teacher, who will forward that information to our office.  If you have a question about who to contact for your EI student, please call Nancy Thorne at 610-515-6450.
Can a sibling get my child off the bus in the afternoon if no parent is home?
If the student is very young, is disabled, or needs supervision, a parent or guardian needs to be home to receive him.  Although, all students are handled on a case-by-case basis.  If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact our Transportation office.
When should I have my child ready to be picked up by the bus?
Please have your student ready to board the bus ten minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.
Is there a school delay today?  How do you handle weather-related emergencies?
Should I communicate with my child's bus driver?
Yes, it is very important that you and your child keep an open line of communication with the school bus driver as much as possible.  Encourage your child to speak with the driver about incidents that may not be readily obvious.
How long may a child be required to ride on a bus?
There are no time limits set by law or regulations for this matter.  The decision is based on criteria such as geography and student population distribution.  Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 makes a sincere effort to establish reasonable and optimized routes.
How will I know my child's bus assignment for the coming school year?
Prior to the start of the schoolyear, the Transportation Department Supervisor will send a letter to all parents with the approximate pickup and drop off times.  Your child's driver will also telephone you to introduce themselves and to verify the anticipated pickup and drop off time for your child.