Interagency Collaboration

CIU 20 provides the thirteen school districts and families with the commitment to promote interagency collaboration among all outside service systems/agencies in three counties – Northampton, Monroe, and Pike. Interagency collaboration involves a working relationship among schools, the intermediate unit, parents, students, agencies and others to achieve a seamless system of care for students with many needs that bridge from education in the schools to adult services. CIU 20 facilitates interagency meetings that bring together families, schools, County Department of Human Services caseworkers, mental health providers, medical professionals, etc., all people/services/systems involved with a family in order to develop one agreed-upon plan. 
The CIU 20 interagency coordinator has the responsibility to enhance the public’s awareness of the services and programs available to students with special needs. The interagency coordinator also serves as a resource of information for families and schools as well as a facilitator for referrals for services that are needed, often on an expedited basis.

Contact Information

Kory Kutzler
Supervisor of Special Education
6 Danforth Drive
Easton, PA 18045