Applied Behavior Analytic Services

ABA services are supportive services that can be recommended by individuals, schools, or local agencies to specifically address behavioral needs. These behavioral needs can include individualized programming such as FBA and BSP report writing or group consultation such as classroom or district trainings and case reviews. In general, ABA services are funded through a service contract that specifies the service request along with amount of hours requested and related time frames. Two levels of ABA services exist. They include a Master’s Level Behavior Analyst/Specialist position and a Bachelor’s Level Behavioral Technician. All Master's Level supports are provided by either a Licensed Behavioral Specialist or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Behavioral Technicians have either a Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services field with a minimum of 3 years of experience working with children and/or a certification as a Registered Behavioral Technician. Services can be initiated by contacting the CIU20 office and discussing the services needed along with all hours and time frame requirements.
Contact Information:
Mr. Ken Smith, LPC, BCBA
Supervisor of Clinical Support
6 Danforth Drive
Easton, PA 18045
(610) 515-6469