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Professional Learning Offerings

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CIU 20 incorporates digital platforms that allow educators to share resources, access news, participate in best-practice discussions, attend live web-events, and collaborate with well-known industry experts.  Rather than a traditional top-down, passive model, this allows for a blended approach to professional development combining active, constructivist thinking with the engaging and transparent format of social media.  The result is improved engagement, expanded and sustainable networks, and a more personal professional development experience. 

In order to participate in our online Schoology courses, you will need to know how to use Google Drive/Apps and allow Google access in order to complete course assignments. 

Our Schoology courses are asynchronous which allows participants flexibility to learn on their own schedule.


Each course is designed to take 7 hours from start to completion however, the time may vary depending on each individual person's pacing.  


Upon completion of the course, 7 Act 48 hours will be awarded.  Hours will be awarded within 2 weeks of course completion notification being received.

Please note: There is no certificate of completion for these courses. If your district requires a letter of completion, it may take a minimum of 2 weeks.



  • No cost for CIU 20 member districts.
  • A $30 registration fee per course will be charged for non-CIU20 districts, non-public entities, and private school participants.



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